The Main Event Podcast #104 – WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

A busy weekend of action from the sports entertainment company culminates in the Hell in a Cell premium live event from Chicago, Illinois. The card is topped by a titular match between Seth “Freakin” Rollins and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. It wasn’t a packed card but it had its moments! Join Jez and Dan to break it all down on The Main Event Podcast.

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As the show opened, Corey Graves alerted us to an ongoing injury situation involving Cody Rhodes. He said that the commentary team would keep us informed as the night progressed. Wouldn’t just telling us whether the main event is happening achieve that? Classic WWE.

RAW Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

Anyway, the opening contest was the Triple Threat Match for the RAW Women’s Championship with Bianca Belair defending against Becky Lynch and Asuka. As the match began, all three women tried to take control but after Belair and Asuka double teamed Lynch, she left the ring and we had our first one-on-one between the former two. Gotta love triple threat turntaking. The majority of the in-ring action in the early part of the match was between Belair and Asuka but Lynch occasionally got in the mix when the moment was opportune. This changed when Becks took out Asuka and instead we got Lynch and Bianca one-on-one. Asuka returned to the ring and the champion did well to avoid attacked from both of her challengers, showed off her strength and gained some nearfalls. Lynch surprised Belair with the Manhandle Slam but Asuka broke up the pinfall attempt. Belair went for the K.O.D. but Lynch interrupted it and threw the EST from the ring. Lynch delivered the Manhandle to Asuka but as she was about to pin the Empress, Bianca returned to the ring, threw Becky from it and pinned Asuka to retain her RAW Women’s Championship.

Jez’s Pick: Bianca Belair
Dan’s Pick: Bianca Belair
Winner: Bianca Belair
Jez 1 – Dan 1

2-on-1 Handicap match – Bobby Lashley vs. Omos and MVP

Next up was the 2-on-1 Handicap match with Omos and MVP facing off against Bobby Lashley. Before the match, Cedric Alexander tried to gameplan with MVP and Omos but he was told in no uncertain terms that his involvement with MVP was done and to move on. As the match got underway, Omos toyed with Lashley but this raised the ire of the All Mighty. Lashley fought well but found himself overwhelmed at times by the big man, including being driven through the ring barricade by Omos. Lashley beat the ten count and got back into the ring. Cedric Alexander came to the ring and, with the distraction, Lashley speared Omos from the ring. Lashley locked the Hurt Lock on MVP and he tapped to award the victory to the All Mighty.

Jez’s Pick: Lashley
Dan’s Pick: Lashley
Winner: Lashley
Jez 2 – Dan 2

Before the next match, Jimmy Smith set the record straight about Cody Rhodes rumoured injury. He confirmed that Cody had torn his pectoral muscle but that he would still compete in Hell in a Cell with Seth Rollins in the main event.

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens

In the next match, Kevin Owens went one-on-one with Ezekiel. Elias? Damien Sandow? At the bell, KO continued to accuse Ezekiel of being a liar. Zeke surprised Owens with a knee to the face and followed up with a Diving Elbow but was only able to get a two count. The pair then fought at ringside and Ezekiel was launched into the ringpost by Owens, drawing blood. KO systematically picked apart Ezekiel but struggled to keep him down for three. Ezekiel tried to get back into the match and went for his knee/elbow drop combination again but Owens knocked him down, delivered the Stunner and pinned Ezekiel while shouting Elias into the camera to get the 1-2-3.

Jez’s Pick: Ezekiel
Dan’s Pick: Ezekiel
Winner: Kevin Owens
Jez 2 – Dan 2

Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Liv Morgan vs. The Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley)

The Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match was the next contest with The Judgment Day taking on the Bulle… Sorry. Taking on the team of Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Liv Morgan. The match began with a brawl between all of the competitors but settled down to be a fight between the women, Morgan and Ripley. Ripley dominated with a headbutt but when Liv got fired up, Ripley tagged in Damian Priest, which forced Finn Balor into the match for the first time. The Judgment Day isolated Balor but the Prince stayed alive enough to get the hot tag to AJ Styles. Styles got a nearfall on Edge and went for the Styles Clash but Ripley caused a distraction that interrupted it. Styles delivered the Phenomenal Forearm instead but Priest dragged AJ out of the ring during the cover. Balor tagged in and went for the Coup de Grace but Rhea Ripley got in the way. This allowed Edge to deliver the Spear and pick up the win for The Judgment Day.

Jez’s Pick: The Judgment Day
Dan’s Pick: The Judgment Day
Winner: The Judgment Day
Jez 3 – Dan 3

No Holds Barred match – Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

Up next was the No Holds Barred battle between Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. It didn’t take long for the match to spill up the ramp and Happy Corbin bounced Moss off the titantron with impunity before the pair battled back to ringside. Corbin allowed himself to be distracted by the crowd, teasing them with tables and threatening to throw Madcap over the barricade but this didn’t cost him any momentum and he continued his assault of Moss with a steel chair. Corbin placed the chair over the neck of Madcap and launched him into the announce table. He then collected the larger part of the ringsteps and set them up in the ring but this is where things went awry for Happy, as Madcap reversed momentum and delivered a Fallaway Slam against the steps. Moss placed a chair over the head of Corbin, slammed the steps on to it and pinned Happy Corbin to pick up a measure of revenge over his former employer.

Jez’s Pick: Madcap Moss
Dan’s Pick: Madcap Moss
Winner: Madcap Moss
Jez 4 – Dan 4

WWE United States Championship – Theory (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

In championship action, Theory defended his United States Title against Mustafa Ali. Early in the match, the two locked up and engaged in traditional wrestling. Outside the ring, Theory launched Ali into the ringpost and took over the momentum of the contest. Theory wore down Ali in the middle of the ring but with the help of the hometown Chicago crowd, Ali fought back into the match, countered A-Town Down and locked Theory in the STF. The US Champion reached the ropes and so Ali went for the kill with the 450 Splash but, unfortunately for him, Theory moved and chopped the legs out from under the challenger. Theory successfully delivered A-Town Down on his second attempt and pinned Mustafa to hold on to his championship.

Jez’s Pick: Theory
Dan’s Pick: Theory
Winner: Theory
Jez 5 – Dan 5

Hell in a Cell match – Cody Rhodes vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

The main event was the Hell in a Cell Match with Seth “Freakin” Rollins taking on the ailing Cody Rhodes. Continuing the mind games he had employed throughout their entire rivalry, Seth Rollins came to the ring in Dusty Rhodes polka dots. When Cody took off his jacket, the extent of his injury was revealed as Cody’s chest bore a deep purple bruise. As the match began, Cody defended his right side as he fought off Rollins and used quick offense to keep The Architect at bay and even delivered an early Disaster Kick and Cody Cutter. As Cody locked Rollins in the Figure Four Leg Lock, Rollins reached out and under the ring and collected a Kendo Stick, which he used to torment The American Nightmare’s torn pectoral muscle. Rollins continued the assault with lashes from a custom polka dot weight belt while wearing Rhodes’ ring jacket. Seth placed Cody on a table in the middle of the ring and went for a Frogsplash but Rhodes moved aside and Rollins went crashing through the table. Rhodes collected a bullrope from under the ring, put it on his good arm and demanded that Rollins put it on too. Cody got some offense in with the rope but Rollins got the better of the exchange and continued his assault on Rhodes. Seth put Cody through a table but, against all reason, Rhodes kicked out. Starting to show frustration, Rollins got a Sledgehammer but Cody avoided it and delivered a Pedigree for a two count. Cody chased Rollins with the sledgehammer but this allowed Rollins to deliver the Stomp. Rollins, however, only got a two count as well. Cody fought valiantly out of Rollins attacks, delivered three Cross Rhodes and punctuated his offense with a sledgehammer to the skull of Rollins to finally bring the match to a close and pick up the clean sweep over Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Jez’s Pick: Cody Rhodes
Dan’s Pick: Cody Rhodes
Winner: Cody Rhodes
Jez 6 – Dan 6

Final Rating

Dan awards 3.5 out of 5 Horrific Pectoral Bruises
Jez awards 2.5 out of 5 Horrific Pectoral Bruises

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